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Prop Super Cream with Aloe Vera and Tar
A super fast-acting cream that is extremely effective. The cream is quickly absorbed and is an effective softener. This Ekholm super cream effectively relieves itching and most skin problems. The cream is good at the beginning of the skin problems that have arisen and provides quick relief for severe skin problems.

The cream, which is a tar-based (fine tar) cream, with a high proportion of concentrated aloe vera added, was approved for humans in autumn 2011. The cream is composed of herbs and other active ingredients that help irritated skin return to its original nature.

It's not called Super Creme for nothing
The super cream is absorbed very quickly into the skin and leaves it soft and supple. The cream is very effective for skin fissures, cracks, redness, sunburned horses' hooves, noses and shoulders. The cream does not contain sunscreen, but can be used if you have suffered a sunburn. This cream is suitable for any type of severely irritated skin.

ATTENTION! There is a quarantine period of 96 hours during competition, due to the high Aloe Vera concentration, and nothing else.

May be used on foals and pregnant mares.

If you have a horse with muck, we recommend that you wash it in Ekholm's shampoo first before applying this super cream.


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