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Does your horse or pony receive little or no concentrated feed? So give it Pavo Vital! If your horse (600 kg) gets less than 1.5 kg of concentrate per day or your pony (300 kg) less than 0.75 kg, they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. In that case, a supplementary feed such as Pavo Vital is the solution!

A brand new supplement product
Pavo Vital is a daily supplementary feed – a molasses- and grain-free pill with all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs, made from 100% natural ingredients and without redundant additives. What is unique about Pavo Vital is that it contains the latest in track elements, Intellibond®. This special mixture has the special property that the nasty taste that copper and zinc have from nature is first released in the stomach and not in the horse's mouth. Your horse therefore does not taste the trace elements, which are thus absorbed without problems. In addition, Pavo Vital contains timothy and alfalfa, which make it particularly tasty!

Compiled according to the latest research results
All vitamins and minerals in Pavo Vital are carefully formulated on the basis of scientific results. You thus avoid having to combine different products and avoid the risk of overdose. Pavo Vital contains the daily dose of selenium as well as extra biotin, which promotes the horse's hoof and skin health. The amount of vitamin A is intentionally low, and no iron is added, as the horse already gets enough of these vitamins and minerals via the roughage. Vitamins for horses

Does your horse lack vitamins?
There can be many signs that your horse lacks vitamins. We often see both weight loss, dull fur and lack of energy as some of the biggest indicators that there is a lack of vitamins for the horse.

Too little energy and nutrients such as minerals and vitamins in the feed not only emaciates the horse, but also makes it tired quickly. It tends to become lethargic and cannot build up fitness.

The first warning is a dull dull coat if various nutrients are lacking. The dull coat is a sign of an imbalance in nutrients and vitamins for your horse. In horses, a physical change is most often seen when an imbalance occurs.

There can be many reasons why the horse becomes unbalanced and these should of course be investigated. In many cases, however, this is simply due to a lack of vitamins for horses. Horses may need more vitamins when, for example, have been affected by illness or have started to age. Poor intestinal flora can also affect the horse's immune system.

Expert advice - vitamins for horses Feed expert Vincent Hinnen has the following advice:

In all cases, concentrated feed must be distributed over several meals per day. All feed changes must be slowly and step by step used to.

As basic needs for a 600 kg riding horse that works 45 min daily. and 2-3 months participate in competition, daily 7 kg of hay or 9 kg of wrap, plus 3 kg of complete feed (Pavo All Sports or Pavo SportsFit) is recommended. Alternatively, replace 1 kg of concentrate with 1 kg of Slobber Mash (especially during hard training).

For a pony of 440 kg, with the same work, 5 kg of hay or 7 kg of wrap, 2 kg of complete feed (Pavo All Sports or Pavo SportsFit) are recommended. On both, the concentrate is distributed at min. 3 meals.

Vitamins for horses, but which ones?
At Pavo Horse Feed, we offer different varieties of vitamins for horses, depending on the needs of your horse. We offer, among others, the following subsidies:

  • Pavo HealthBoost
  • Pavo MultiVit15
Special features
  • Molasses and grain free
  • Very low sugar and starch content
  • 100% natural ingredients timothy and alfalfa
  • Easily absorbable Intellibond® track elements
  • Contains no synthetic or unnecessary fillers
  • Horses and ponies that receive little or no concentrate
  • Horses and ponies that only receive roughage (grass, hay or wrap)
  • Horses and ponies that walk in a 24-hour paddock with plenty of grass
  • Timothy
  • Alfalfa
  • Calbium carbonate
  • Salt
Feeding rules
Horses (approx. 600 kg): 100 grams per day
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 50 grams per day


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