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Pavo SpeediBeet is a high-quality roughage that supports intestinal health. It is made from sugar-free beet flakes and contains no additives at all, and therefore no molasses either. The flakes are processed via a patented heating process. The product can thus be soaked quickly - after 10 minutes - in hot and cold water. Delicious, practical and healthy for all horses.

Pavo SpeediBeet contains no starch and has a sugar content of only 5%. This makes it an ideal feed for horses that must have a ration with a low sugar content.

Pavo SpeediBeet contains a lot of pectin, a soluble fiber that is easier to digest than the fibers in roughage. The beet pulp is thus a fantastic source of slowly released energy and perfectly suited for competition horses. Pectin has a prebiotic effect, which means that the fibers support the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines. It is very important for well-functioning intestines.

Pavo SpeediBeet falls under the roughage category and contains no added vitamins and minerals. If you only give Pavo SpeediBeet alongside the other roughage, then it is recommended to supplement with vitamins and minerals, for example Pavo DailyFit briquettes or Pavo Vital.

Special features
  • Healthy roughage with prebiotic effect
  • Supports good bowel function
  • Very low sugar content, no molasses
  • Rations with low sugar content – ​​lower fructan content than hay/grass
  • Less good hole
  • Seniors with poor dentition - partial roughage replacement
  • Sports horses – slowly released energy and water reserves in the intestines
  • Difficult eating habits - tasty
  • soaked beet flakes (<8% sugar)
Feeding rules

Preparation: Mix 1 part Pavo SpeediBeet with 3 parts water and wait 10 minutes. The product is now ready to be fed. DO NOT FEED DRY!

  • Amount as a healthy daily supplement: 50 grams per 100kg body weight.
  • Maximum daily amount as a partial replacement for straw feed: 400 grams per 100kg body weight.

Fodder content
A Pavo feed contains approx. 0.7 kg Pavo SpeediBeet.


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