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Rice Bran

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Pavo RiceBran contains high levels of slow-release energy, meaning your horse will be full of energy but not hot or erratic. Since Pavo RiceBran not only has a high content of energy, but also a high content of protein, it is the perfect product to support your horse in becoming energetic and fit with a perfect body condition.

Where does the energy come from?
The high content of oil and starch is the main source of the large amount of slowly releasing energy in Pavo RiceBran. You may be wondering how starch contributes to slow-releasing energy, when starch is usually known as fast-releasing energy (like a peak - large amounts in a short period of time). Let us explain it! Starch is basically a chain of many glucose molecules linked together. Starch that comes from grains is linked in a different way compared to starch that comes from rice bran, and therefore the starch is also digested differently. Cereal starch is usually digested quickly, resulting in a peak of glucose in the blood. This peak of glucose leads to large amounts and directly available energy, which we call the rapidly released energy. In contrast, the starch from Pavo RiceBran is digested gradually. The gradual digestion leads to a slower and more even release of glucose, which we experience in our horses as slowly releasing energy. Due to the slow and gradual release of glucose (energy), the glycemic index in Pavo RiceBran is low. The glycemic index indicates the extent to which carbohydrates (sugar & starch) in a product affect the glucose content in the blood. The starch from Pavo RiceBran is therefore an easily digestible and valuable source of energy for your horse.

More about Pavo RiceBran
There are several benefits to feeding Pavo RiceBran beyond energy and protein. The high content of oil contributes to a beautiful and shiny coat. As rice bran is a very oily product, it is important that it is stabilized to avoid it becoming rancid. Pavo RiceBran is stabilized by heat treatment, unlike other products that are stabilized by the addition of chemical antioxidants. Pavo RiceBran is therefore 100% natural (no additives). In addition, Pavo RiceBran contains antioxidants and is a natural source of vitamin E, which supports general health and muscle function. Another important aspect of Pavo RiceBran is the way it is produced. In the production of rice bran, the rice must be dehulled, which is usually done with calcium carbonate (chalk). However, when calcium carbonate is used, the calcium/phosphorus ratio is affected, which is very important for the health of your horses. The rice in Pavo RiceBran is mechanically dehulled, i.e. without the use of calcium carbonate. As a result, the calcium/phosphorus ratio is not affected and Pavo RiceBran remains 100% natural.

Pavo RiceBran should be fed as a topping, which means you feed it in small amounts on top of your normal concentrate. Just like sprinkles on your ice cream, but in a much healthier way!

Special features
  • Highly concentrated energy
  • Slow releasing energy, so the energy supply is stable over a longer period
  • High protein content
  • Free from grains and molasses
  • 100% natural, no additives
  • Stabilizing
  • Contains gradually digestible starch
  • Supports a healthy and shiny coat
  • With natural antioxidants to support a well-functioning muscle function
  • For sport horses that need slow release energy for performance
  • For senior horses that need extra energy (calories) and protein to ensure an optimal gut
  • For lactating mares that need extra energy (calories) and protein to achieve healthy body condition
  • For horses that are being prepared for judging
  • Barley
  • Wheat bran fine
  • Oats
  • Sunflower slope
  • Alfalfa
  • Linseed
  • Cane molasses
  • Grass
  • Beet fiber (<8% sugar)
  • Soybean oil
  • Soy (bûnne) crisp, toasted nonGMO
  • Salt
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Calbium carbonate
  • beer yeast
  • CellProtect
Feeding rules

Pavo RiceBran should be fed as a topping, meaning you feed it in small amounts on top of your normal concentrate ration.


Horses (approx. 600 kg): 0.125 kg daily
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 0.065 kg daily

Sports horse:
Energy level low (light work):

Horses (approx. 600 kg): 0.250 kg daily
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 0.125 kg daily

Energy level medium (medium work):

Horses (approx. 600 kg): 0.5 kg daily
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 0.25 kg daily

Energy level high (heavy work):

Horses (approx. 600 kg): 0.75 kg daily
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 0.375 kg daily


Horses (approx. 600 kg): 0.5 kg daily
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 0.25 kg daily

Fodder content
A Pavo feed contains approx. 1.1 kg Pavo Rice Bran.


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