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Young foals face quite a few challenges in the first weeks of their lives, so the development of the immune system and a healthy digestion are both extremely important. Pavo KickStart is therefore the important support for a healthy start in life.

Immune system
When a foal is born, it has a very limited immune system. Consuming colostrum is essential as colostrum contains immunoglobins which are antibodies and actually help the immune system. The intake of colostrum with immunoglobulins is important in the first hours, as this develops the foal's passive immune system before it develops active immunity in the first weeks of life. However, the amount of immunoglobins varies greatly from mare to mare, and studies even show that 30% of all mares have too low levels of immunoglobins. Too low levels increase the foal's susceptibility to disease. As Pavo KickStart contains colostrum powder, it is a good source of immunoglobulins.

A well-functioning gut gives a well-functioning foal
As with the immune system, the intestinal flora is not properly developed when the foal is born. During the first weeks of life, the intestinal flora will develop, unless it is challenged by what enters the intestine (e.g. wrong bacteria). To enable the development of a healthy intestinal flora, these must be attacked by the immune system. If the immune system is not able to protect the intestines well enough, e.g. negative bacteria become dominant, which can lead to negative long-term consequences. In addition to the colostrum powder, which supports the immune system, Pavo KickStart contains yeast (modified yeast cell walls). Yeast provides several benefits, as it i.a. can bind to the unwanted microorganisms, which is an important step for the immune system to recognize the unwanted microorganisms and start attacking them. In addition, it stimulates the immune system and affects the immunization in the intestine, which can help prevent thin stools.

Energy & vitamins
Pavo KickStart ensures that sufficient nutrients are present to help stable development begin. In addition, Pavo KickStart also contains a little extra energy, because it is hard work to get into the world and develop!

Special features
  • Immun paste for foals
  • Rich in antibodies
  • Supports the development of the immune system
  • Positive effect on intestinal development
  • Promotes the microflora
  • Rich in vitamins E, A, C and B12
  • Easily available trace elements (copper, zinc, manganese and selenium)
  • Adds extra energy
  • For newborn foals
  • Suitable for both healthy and weaker foals
  • For all horses and ponies
  • Can also be used for weaning
  • Vegetable oil and fats
  • Colostrum
  • Yeast
  • Mono-, di- and triglycerides of fatty acids (palmitic acid and oleic acid)
Feeding rules

Give the first oral syringe after the first intake of colostrum (colostrum) and the second oral syringe within the next 24 hours (1 pack of Pavo KickStart contains 2 syringes).

Use the entire syringe. For very small ponies (such as Shetland ponies), however, half an oral syringe is sufficient.

Tips on how to give an oral syringe to a foal:
We recommend that you stand next to your foal and first brush around the corners of the mouth and try to open the mouth by pushing your finger gently into the corners of the mouth. If the foal opens its mouth, you can easily bring the syringe to the mouth and empty it.


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