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Some horses are difficult to keep in good shape: they lose weight and muscle. Feeding more and more concentrate is not always the solution.

Your horse in perfect condition with Pavo FibreBeet
Pavo FibreBeet is specially developed for horses and ponies in poor condition. It contains a carefully formulated combination of SpeediBeet (beet flakes), alfalfa and easily digestible fibers from soya hulls, with a touch of fenugreek for better taste. Thanks to the high digestibility and quality proteins from alfalfa, Pavo FibreBeet is a perfect forage supplement for thin and muscle-poor horses that need to gain weight. Pavo FibreBeet is grain-free and has a very low sugar and starch content. So it is very suitable for horses that are sensitive to sugar.

It is important that you adjust your management and that together with Pavo Ease&Excel you give enough straw to get the most optimal result. Give as mine. 1.5% of the horse's body weight, spread over as many meals as possible.

Pavo FibreBeet is categorized as a roughage and no vitamins and minerals have been added. Do you only give Pavo FibreBeet together with your other roughage? Then it is recommended to supplement with a supplement of vitamins and minerals, such as Pavo Vital or Pavo SummerFit briquettes.

Special features
  • Combination of super fibers from Pavo SpeediBeet and alfalfa
  • Supports build-up of hole and muscles
  • With a very low sugar and starch content
  • Ideal for all horses with small holes, or sports horses that are thin and lack muscle
  • Can also be used as a temporary or permanent roughage substitute, in case of low quality or quantity of straw fodder
  • Perfect to use during strenuous performance to prevent dehydration
  • Very suitable to feed to senior horses together with Pavo 18Plus
  • Soaked beet flakes (<8% sugar)
  • Alfalfa
  • Soy hulls
  • Linseed
  • Cane molasses
  • Buckhorn
Feeding rules

Pavo FibreBeet must be fed soaked. Soak the product for 15 minutes in hot water or 45 minutes in cold water, in the ratio 1 part Pavo FibreBeet : 3 parts water.

  • Daily recommendation: 100 g/100 kg body weight
  • Maximum 1 kg/100 kg body weight

Pavo feed measure
1 full Pavo feed measure with Pavo FibreBeet contains approx. 1,140 kg (in dry form).


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