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Horses and ponies that are not ridden or ridden occasionally often do not need much extra energy. Pavo EasyMix contains, in addition to only a little energy, a very low sugar and starch content. It is also free of grains and molasses, but contains all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs.

No grains and only a little sugar and starch
Pavo EasyMix has a very low sugar and starch content. The content is so low that it is suitable for ponies and horses that are sensitive to sugar or that are challenged by metabolic problems. Due to this very low sugar and starch content, Pavo EasyMix also contains very little energy. This ensures that your pony or horse does not get too much energy, but also prevents your horse from gaining (extra) weight by feeding concentrate.

Enjoy without sin!
The daily recommendation for Pavo EasyMix is ​​relatively low, as it contains a high concentration of vitamins and trace elements. As a result, you only need to feed a small amount to cover the daily requirement. But because Pavo EasyMix is ​​so rich in fibre, it is very bulky. The amount may be low in weight and calories, but it is still a nice meal for your horse to enjoy. In addition, the high fiber content is not only beneficial for volume, but also stimulates chewing, which promotes saliva production. Saliva is very important for optimal digestion. In addition, the product contains good properties from both nettle, hemp and charcoal.

Healthy fibers and much more!
In addition to a high content of healthy fibres, Pavo EasyMix is ​​enriched with prebiotics to support digestion. In addition, linseed products have been added as a good source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. This makes Pavo EasyMix not only a delicious meal for your horse and pony, but also a healthy supplement to their feed ration.

Special features
  • Muesli with a high fiber content
  • Very low content of sugar and starch
  • Free from grains and molasses
  • Low content of energy (calories)
  • Contains all daily vitamins and trace elements
  • Manufactured by i.a. plant fibers
  • Horses that need a small amount of concentrate
  • Thrifty horses
  • Horses that do no work or light work
  • Horses with a tendency to become overweight
  • Horses that have challenges in relation to sugar
  • Horses with grain intolerance
  • Employment when another horse in the stable receives concentrate
  • Horses at ease
  • Horses that do not like (other) vitamins and mineral mixtures
  • Grass
  • Alfalfa
  • Flax seed cake
  • Linseed oil
  • Beetroot
  • Plant-based charcoal
  • Braendenaelde
  • Hemp cake
Feeding rules

Maintenance (150 g / 100 kg body weight):

Horses (approx. 300 kg): 0.45 kg daily
Pony (approx. 400 kg): 0.60 kg daily
Pony (approx. 500 kg): 0.75 kg daily
Pony (approx. 600 kg): 0.90 kg daily

Light work (200 g / 100 kg body weight):

Horses (approx. 300 kg): 0.60 kg daily
Pony (approx. 400 kg): 0.80 kg daily
Pony (approx. 500 kg): 1.00 kg daily
Pony (approx. 600 kg): 1.20 kg daily


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