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Pavo Care4Life contains everything we can think of nutritionally to help the horse to health. This special feed consists of, among other things of fibre-rich raw materials, omega3 and 6 fatty acids, pre- and probiotics, yeast, 11 different herbs* and vitamins and minerals in organic form. These substances help to clean the body, so that the body gets rid of the waste substances. But just as important as what's in is what's not in! Pavo Care4Life does not contain any substances that burden the system unnecessarily. The content of sugar and starch is only 8%!! The product contains no grains or by-products of grains. Pavo C4L is therefore also gluten-free**. Pavo Care4Life fits into every horse's feed ration!

The herbal composition contains 11 herbs, including Echinacea and Calendula. The properties of the herbs can be found at .

Special features
  • With 11 different herbs
  • With pre- and probiotics
  • Grain-free and molasses-free
  • Alfalfa
  • Sunflower seed shells
  • Soya beans, toasted non GMO
  • Sunflower slope
  • Herbal mixture
  • Linseed
  • Soybean oil
  • Salt
  • Grass
  • peas
  • Calbium carbonate
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Monocalcium phosphate
  • Dried carrots
  • beer yeast
  • Linseed oil

*The product is produced in a factory where grain is also produced.

Feeding rules

A Pavo feed contains approx. 0.9 kg Pavo Care4Life.

  • Recommended daily amount: 170 grams per 100 kg body weight.
  • This corresponds to just over 1 kg for a normal horse daily.
  • The recommended amount depends on the amount of grass and work.

Tips for horses that eat too quickly/tendency to esophageal constipation
Our advice is if your horse eats too quickly, soak Pavo Care4Life in water or mix it with Pavo DailyPlus. Add plenty of water and let it stand for an hour before feeding. After that hour, your horse can enjoy a nice healthy meal.


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