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The horse's digestive tract is very complex and the stomach very sensitive. In some cases, it may be necessary to support the stomach slightly. Pavo GastriCover provides good support as it promotes regeneration of the gastric mucosa and helps to neutralize the effect of the very acidic stomach acid.

Neutralization of stomach acid
Stomach acid is essential for digestion, but too much and too acidic stomach acid can have a negative effect on the stomach lining/wall. Maerl, the red algae/seaweed is the main ingredient in Pavo GastriCover, which not only acts as a buffer for stomach acid, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Acting as a buffer for stomach acid is desired, as it can help create a healthy pH value in the stomach, which is necessary for good digestion and healthy stomach lining. Furthermore, the biggest advantage of maerl is the long-lasting effect. Many other buffers have a strong but brief effect. In contrast, maerl has a long-term and gradual effect, which means that the buffering effect against stomach acid lasts for a longer period. Stomach acid can be harmful to the horse, but is also necessary for digestion. Too much buffering of stomach acid will slow down digestion.

Tasty prebiotics to support the stomach and intestines
Apple and sugar-reduced beet pulp are 100% natural ingredients with a very high content of pectin. These pectins have a double positive effect on your horse's digestion. They build a protective gel-like layer on the wall of the stomach, which protects against stomach acid. Along with that, they also have a prebiotic effect as they support the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics: promote digestion and stabilize intestinal flora
A good level of good bacteria supports good digestion and gut health. The certified Biosprint® live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) improves the digestibility of your horse. Fiber in particular is digested better as a result of improved fermentation in the gut. The probiotic live yeast in Pavo GastriCover supports gut health, fermentation and better utilization of lactic acid. In short, it promotes digestion and stabilizes the intestinal flora.
##(Feed) management is the key Pavo GastriCover can definitely support healthy stomach function, but correct feed management is the basis for success. It is therefore important to look at your current management and tick all the boxes. Download our free feed management checklist!

Special features
  • Supports a healthy pH value in the stomach
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Pectins, which protect the wall of the stomach against stomach acid
  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut
  • Supports healthy digestion

Suitable for horses and ponies:

  • With a sensitive stomach
  • Experiencing stress
Feeding rules

Feed recommendation per day

Intensive support

Give that amount 3 times a day:

Pony (300 kg): 3x 60 g (=180g / day)

Horse (600 kg): 3x 110 g (= 330g / day)

General support

Give this portion 2 times daily

  • Pony (300 kg): 2x 50 g (=100g / day)
  • Horse (600 kg): 2x 100 g (=200g / day)
  • Give at least for 3 weeks (intensive support)
  • It is possible to support your horse with Pavo GastriCover every day (general support).
  • During stressful periods: give as long as stress affects the horse.
  • Mix with the horse's regular feed.

Tip! Distribute the recommended amount of Pavo GastriCover in the horse's daily meals (2-3 portions). In this way, the stomach-supporting ingredients work better distributed over the day.


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