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in unfamiliar or stressful situations such as transport, treatments at the vet, dentist farrier or extreme weather, a horse can experience stress and naturally have a strong instinct to flee. how much stress your horse experiences depends on its character, genetics and experience. unfortunately, it is sometimes unavoidable that your horse will be exposed to a stressful situation. then pavo BeChill can help reduce stress quickly (within 30 min - 2 hours) and promote relaxation.

Supplement to reduce stress
A stress reaction in the horse's body is affected by signaling substances which are sent to and from the brain. Basically, these signaling substances can send two messages: a stress message and a relaxation message. Increased amounts of stress messages result in an increased heart and breathing rate, sweating and a tightening of the muscles. On the other hand, as the level of relaxation messages increases, the heart and breathing rates return to normal and the muscles become loose and supple. In stressful situations, the body ensures that the level of stress messages increases, while the relaxation messages decrease. This results in the horse being more alert and ready to escape, thus experiencing stress. Pavo BeChill blocks the body's mechanism for breaking down relaxation messages and limits the rise of stress messages. Pavo BeChill thus affects both messages and therefore helps to reduce stress very effectively.

Magic ingredients: lemon balm and magnesium
The most important ingredients in Pavo BeChill are lemon balm and the well-known magnesium. Lemon balm is a natural ingredient that helps reduce stress by blocking the breakdown of relaxation messages. Therefore, several relaxation messages remain, telling the body to keep the heart and breathing rates normal and the muscles relaxed. Lemon balm is a powerful ingredient, as even very small amounts have a big effect on the horse's stress reaction.

Magnesium helps block the production of stress messages, meaning the body receives fewer signals telling the horse to increase its heart and respiratory rate, start sweating and tighten its muscles. In addition, it has been proven that the cortisol concentration (stress hormone) is significantly lower after feeding with magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most well-known ingredients that helps stressed and nervous horses.

Special features
  • Rapid reduction of stress (30min-2h)
  • Documented effect
  • Reduces stress without the horse becoming tired or lethargic
  • Doping free
  • 100% natural
  • BeChill is suitable for all types of horses and ponies
  • The product is suitable for various occasions such as stressful situations, such as
  • Transportation
  • Treatment by a veterinarian, dentist or blacksmith
  • haircut
  • in riding
  • new Year
  • weaning
  • relocation

Pavo BeChill is not suitable for pregnant mares

  • Lemon balm 1,820 mg additives per kg
  • Stevia. 1,420 mg additives per kg
Feeding rules

How to use it Pavo Bechill can be given anywhere (30 min - 2 h before the stressful situation) or through the feed or water (the evening and morning before the stressful situation).

Larger Horse (approx. 600-750kg) 30 - 60 ml / day

Smaller Horse (approx. 400-550k

20 - 50 ml / day


10 - 40 ml / day

These indicative amounts serve as a baseline. the optimal amount that will give the best results for your horse depends on many different factors such as individual needs, the horse's well-being, training intensity and stress level.

NOTE Pavo BeChill should not be used for pregnant mares


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