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Wave RLT pen Gold edition double pack

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NEW model with the most powerful light on the market based on the latest studies

The strongest on the market with even stronger wavelengths that follow the latest studies on the market with 630 & 660 nm red light and 850, 910 & 1000 nm near infrared light!

Smart very strong light therapy pen for the more serious and deep injuries – for example tendon injuries and severe pain

As many as 5 wavelengths combined in a powerful light therapy pen.

With the WAVE RLT PEN, you can more easily hit the difficult places where our WAVE RLT Pads have difficulty hitting, such as the corner of the mouth, under the hoof, inside the ear or other difficult places

It has the same effect as our WAVE RLT Pads but is made as a smart little pen that is easy to keep in your bag. You can use it anywhere on your animal's body and has no side effects and is a proven pain reliever and counteracts inflammation.

This set is for the practitioner or those who want to get the best out of light therapy. As many as 2 WAVE RLT PEN in this special edition

Contains WAVE RLT PEN 3.0 GOLD Edition & WAVE RLT PEN GREEN 1.0

2 strong devices that follow the latest research from the USA & Australia!

WAVE RLT Light therapy

WAVE RLT PEN 3.0 Gold Edition is with 5 wavelengths!

630 nm and 660 can be clearly seen and glow very strongly, 850 and 910 & 1000 nm cannot be seen at all by the human eye. This does not mean that the DIODES are broken.

WAVE RLT Light Therapy Pen – makes you, your horse or dog perform better

Use our system before and after training to prevent injuries. Your horse will be able to work and recover better after treatment with the system. It only takes 1-3 minutes in each area but gives a great effect in the long run!

Our light leans on the many thousands of studies that have been done in the field to give you a product that works!

By gathering 5 wavelengths in LED laser diodes close together, each area gets the right wavelengths, as the studies that have been done in the area. The latest studies show that if you increase the near-infrared light, the treatments increase significantly.

Comes with 3 functions: You can turn on the smaller light waves alone 630, 660 nm, or you can turn on the strongest 850, 910 & 1000 nm or you can turn on all laser diodes at the same time.

The WAVE RLT Pen 3.0 has the same positive effect as lasers with powerful light in specific wavelengths, just without side effects and intended for home use. You can use WAVE RLT every day and several times a day. The cells can only absorb the amount of light they need. After this, they will perform their maximum work, and you can prevent bad cells from dying or breaking down.

The technology is based on NASA research and studies show that treatment with red and infrared light creates energy for the cells. Light therapy is also called LLLT (Low light laser therapy) or photon light therapy. Some also call it LTS – Light therapy system, or RLT (Red Light Therapy) Dear child many names.

ATTENTION There are 3 wavelengths. 545 can be clearly seen and glows very strongly green, 910 nm cannot be seen by the human eye. This does not mean that the DIODES are broken.

WAVE RLT Light Therapy Pen – makes you, your horse or dog perform better

Green light has not been studied as much as red light - but it has been found that together with red & near-infrared light, it increases the form of treatment.

Therefore, the green light can be used as a finishing treatment - but it can also be used alone against a wide range of diseases and problems.

Especially nerve damage and treatment of nerves

Humans are particularly sensitive to green light as it increases melatonin production

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the brain and in the retina of the eye. The production of melatonin is at its peak around the age of 5-10 and decreases with age. Melatonin is mainly secreted at night, and plays a major role in regulating one's circadian rhythm.

Green light produces a treatment effect that is better than red light and similar to that seen in previous studies with white light. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that retinal photoreceptors mediate the antidepressant response in seasonal affective disorder

WAVE RLT GREEN 1.0 can be used alone or together with the other pens, for a better result.

We recommend that you use green light for 1-3 minutes per area up to 3 times a day and for post-treatment you can settle for 1-2 minutes.

Hold the WAVE RLT PEN over the area you want to treat. You can either hold it right up to the skin, or up to 15 cm away. The further away, the weaker the treatment.

Do not use the WAVE RLT PEN for more than 5 minutes at a time. Take a break between each treatment of approx. 1-3 minutes or until the unit has cooled down a bit. This way you avoid overheating of the device.

By gathering 3 wavelengths in the LED chip close together, each area gets the right wavelengths, as the studies that have been done in the area. We have chosen to combine a very strong near-infrared wavelength with the green light.

  • Less stiffness and tension
  • Trigger points – use the WAVE RLT PEN on acupuncture points
  • Pain reliever for old injuries, arthritis etc.
  • Great effect on stressed animals & humans
  • nerve damage with green light
  • stabilization of the body due to melatonin which is activated by the green light
  • migraine treatment with green light
  • Joint treatment
  • Increased recovery in muscles and joints
  • Increases blood circulation and removes waste products
  • Heals damage up to 200% faster
  • Treats inflammation effectively
  • Faster wound healing and reduces scarring oma
  • Treatment from 30 seconds -3 minutes
  • Has no side effects and can be used by anyone over the age of 18. Always wear protective glasses and never look directly into the light
  • Can be used on all animals and humans
What is the difference between the 3 types of WAVE PEN?

The difference between the three different types of PEN – is that one (Pen 1.0) has 3 different wavelengths and a power of 217 mW/cm2. It works in 3 layers in the skin and the deepest wavelength is 850 nm. Good for the price and has produced great results for many. Both horses, dogs and people.

The other (Pen 2.0) has 5 different wavelengths and a power of 300 mW/cm2. It works in 5 layers of the skin and has a whopping 900 nm as the deepest wavelength. The only one on the market and extremely effective. You can shorten the treatment time and still get the full effect. Developed by Cavaleros.

The newest is 3.0, which has 5 wavelengths and a power of 380 mW/cm2 – and works in 5 layers. Has 1000 nm as the strongest on the market. Extremely effective and with very few treatments, you feel the effect of even chronic injuries. Developed by Cavaleros

  • WAVE RLT Pen GREEN 1.0 & WAVE RLT PEN Gold Edition 3.0
  • Large travel bag with gold logo
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (1 for each)
  • Charger with USB cable
  • Very strong safety glasses
  • Cleaning cloth for the glass
  • Strap for WAVE RLT Pen (1 for each)
  • user manual in English or Danish
Technical data

The product is Danish designed and thus thoroughly tested according to Danish standards CE-Approved

We get our LED from a manufacturer that makes FDA approved products for the USA, which means that it can be used in the pharmaceutical industry on humans and has a proven effect!

There is a 2-year warranty on all manufacturing defects.


Meter: 126 x 30 mm
Weight: 170 g
Wavelengths: Has 5 effective wavelengths 630nm, 660nm, 850nm, 910nm & 1000nm (850nm, 910nm & 1000nm is invisible to the human eye)
Power density: 380 mW/cm2 – the most important number. This number shows how much force the product sends into the tissue!
LED lifetime: about 50,000 hours
Studies & documented effect

Laser vs LED


Pain management

Wound treatment

Tendon inflammation

Broken bones



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