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Podo®Care Liquid

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In the period immediately after foaling, a foal drinks only milk from the mare. Via the mare's milk, the foal takes in all possible nutrients that it needs to live, develop and grow large. But the composition of minerals it consumes in the first months is insufficient for healthy bone growth. In the first months, a warmblood foal grows more than 1 kilo a day(!), which results in an enormous need for the right composition and amount of calcium, forage and magnesium; differently and less than that we can absorb the mare's milk. For healthy bone growth, it is important to supplement with these minerals.

Feel paste for good healthy bone growth
Pavo Podo®Care Liquid is a liquid mineral supplement in paste form. Pavo Podo®Care Liquid is related to Pavo Podo®Care (small pellets). We have developed this paste, with essential minerals, especially for very young foals who do not eat pellets yet. So if your foal does not want to eat Pavo Podo®Care pellets, or nothing yet? Then Pavo Podo®Care Liquid is the ideal solution to support optimal bone growth from the first week.

Phosphorus and magnesium in Pavo Podo®Care Liquid
Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are the bone minerals required to produce healthy bone tissue. The mare's milk contains these minerals, but our research has shown that the milk does not contain enough magnesium and phosphorus to support the enormous growth of bones in the first months of the foal's life. And not just the amount is important, but the right ratio is also vital. Too much of one mineral or too much of another can result in growth problems, like OC or OCD. Just like Pavo Podo®Care pellets, Pavo Podo®Care Liquid contains phosphorus and magnesium in precisely the right amount and correct ratio for optimal support of bone growth in the young foal.

Scientific studies on warmblood foals have proven that giving foals magnesium and phosphorus in the first 12 months has a positive effect in the prevention of OC and OCD.

How to prepare Pavo Podo®Care Liquid

  1. Shake the bag of Podo®Care Liquid well and pour it into the bucket.
  2. Stir Podo®Care Liquid until the oil is completely mixed with the product.
  3. Take the nozzle off the syringe and fill it up to the maximum (= 32 ml).
  4. Carefully insert the tip into the foal's mouth and empty the syringe into the back of its mouth.
  5. After use, disassemble the syringe.

Do not clean the syringe with water, but keep it separate until next time. Due to the oil will not dry out the paste, so cleaning is not necessary.

Special features
  • The best start for a healthy foal
  • Supports healthy bone growth
  • Scientifically proven effect
  • Liquid paste including 3 syringes
  • For the first 60 days of the foal's life
  • For young foals who are not yet eating pellets
  • Vegetable oil and fats
  • Magnesium phosphate
  • Magnesium Acetate
  • Mono-, di- and triglycerides of fatty acids (Palm)
Feeding rules

Pavo recommends starting with Podo®Care Liquid from the age of 14 days. Give your foal one syringe (32 ml) per day for 60 days. Quietly, you can accustom it to Pavo Podo®Care pellets and/or Pavo Podo®Start foal pellets when it has started eating feed. Later, when the foal eats 1 kg of Podo®Start daily, it receives all important nutrients and Podo®Care is no longer necessary.

  • 1 full syringe (32 ml) per day
  • Start by giving the injections from the foal's 14 days of life.
  • Give Podo®Care Liquid the first 60 days until it is used to Podo®Care pellets or Podo®Start

Pavo Podo®Care Liquid is available in a 2 liter bucket which is equivalent to one foal for 60 days.


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