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Try summer deodorant spray with tar

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As a horse owner, you know that when summer arrives, so do a lot of bugs. They annoy the horse by biting and stinging, which can disturb its concentration while riding. With Ekholm Sommerdeo, you can ensure that your horse grazes undisturbed, even in summer. This bug spray contains tar and lemongrass scent.

By choosing Ekholm Sommerdeo you protect the environment, as the excluded products consist of 100% natural ingredients. Many users have chosen this product as the most effective and non-toxic alternative on the market. The ready-to-use black liquid is easy to use and does not grease, but can stain fair horses due to the tar. The spray is rain-resistant, but must be reapplied after heavy rain.

The summer deodorant does not cause sunburn and lasts approx. 24 hours. If the horse gets sweaty and wet, some of the spray will wear off. It can also be used for other fur animals, such as dogs or cats, that are bothered by stinging insects.

  • Fine tar product
  • High quality
  • Rich in herbs and roots
  • Broad spectrum product
  • Effectively removes insects from your horse
  • Here's how you do it

Spray directly on the horse
Spray on a cloth or sponge if the horse does not like being sprayed
Avoid contact with eyes and respiratory tract
IMPORTANT! Use only outdoors or in open barn areas with good ventilation

Store in the dark and at temperatures between +10 and +25

Excess liquid must not be poured into drains or sewers, but must be disposed of properly together with the bottle
Although the liquid is made from natural ingredients, it can cause allergic reactions and must not come into contact with eyes or respiratory tract

  • Aqua
  • Alcohol
  • Glycerol
  • Pain takes
  • Cymbopogon flexuosus


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