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Healthy Treats - Beetroot

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Pavo Healthy Treats are healthy and tasty treats that you can give your horse or pony as a reward. A little extra thing you can give your horse, e.g. after riding, or a reward during work.

Healthy horse treats
Many treats are tasty, but - like sweets for humans - often contain unhealthy ingredients, such as sugar and grains. It's something you don't want to give your horse too much of. It is with good reason that our Pavo Healthy Treats are called healthy: they taste really good and are made from 100% pure natural ingredients, without grains and artificial substances. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the sugar and starch content is low, which means that you can confidently reward all horses and ponies with a tasty Pavo Healthy Treat! Even if your horse has metabolic problems, is overweight or needs as little sugar as possible, it is a "safe" treat to give.

Pavo Healthy Treats: choose your taste!
Our Pavo Healthy Treats are available in different flavours: apple, carrot, nettle, linseed and beetroot. Try them all to find out which one is your horse's favourite!

Special features
  • Healthy reward
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial substances
  • Grain free
  • Very low sugar and starch content
  • Tasty
  • As a healthy treat before, after or during training
  • Ideal as a reward during training from the ground
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies
  • Beetroot
Feeding rules
  • Daily recommendation: give your horse one or a few pieces a day, as a bonus, without affecting its general health. ration.
  • Maximum: 30 gr/100 kg body weight. For a horse of 600 kg, it is a maximum of 180 grams per day, corresponding to 40 treats. For a pony, it is half - 20 treats maximum daily.


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